Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Oats Halwa - Healthy snack for sweet lovers

I use the microwave to make papads, reheating, masala groundnuts, vegetables, cakes n cookies. For this Microwave Food event, i decided to do something different. I am very much fond of Oats as it does a great deal for weight management and thats the reason it became my breakfast item. I love trying out dishes in oats. And my choice is Oats halwa for this event. Here goes the recipe.

Oats - 3/4 Cup(When powdered, becomes one cup)
Sugar - 1/4 Cup
Water - 1 Cup
Almonds - 4
Cashew nuts - 4
Ghee - 1 tsp

Finely Powder the oats.
Powder the sugar and mix it with water till it dissolves and keep aside.
Roast the oats in a microwave safe bowl/glass bowl at microwave high for 2 minutes.
Add the sugar syrup and micro wave high for 3 minutes, stirring once in between.
Check whether it has turned into halwa-like consistency.
Heat Ghee and add almonds n cashews for 1 min.
Add the nuts to the Halwa.
Oats Halwa is ready.


Kalai said...

Brilliant idea!! Guilt free too. :)

easycrafts said...

A very healthy one...will surely try it sometime...thanks for participating

Ramya harish said...

Thanks a lot kalai..

Easycrafts, thank u, its my pleasure..

Divya Vikram said...

I have turned a new fan of oats recently..love ur idea of making halwa with it..Thanks for sharing this ramya..Am making this today evening

Anonymous said...

fdxzrhi... i like the way u did oats halwa...i tried and it turned good... can u plz help me how can we do some spicy dishes in oats...

Thanks in advance

Ramya harish said...

thank u divya.. sorry for replying so late..
Anon, thank u..sorry for my delayed reply!! u can try oats upma.. powder the oats and do the way u do rava khichdi, with or without vegetables.. do u know to make rava khichdi.??

Trupti said...

That's something I'd like to try...thanks for the recipe.

i,me,my music said...

u r welcome trupthi.. glad u like it:)

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